20 Hardwood Clothespins with Stainless Steel Springs – Made in The USA

$40.00 (as of May 2, 2019, 3:49 am)

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Quality clothespins
Stainless steel springs
Made in the usa


The clothespins in this pack are made by hand in the USA to last; comprised of hardwood ash lumber and stainless steel springs. These clothespins will not come apart easily as many other brands of pins are prone to do today, but will hold your clothes on the line. Additional features include:

-Three grip grooves to help keep the pins between your fingers during use.
-Full coiled stainless steel springs.
-A spring body groove that holds the spring coil in place.
-A tumbling process that gives each clothespin a smooth feel with softened edges.
-An application of boiled linseed oil to provide some protection.
-Inspected multiple times throughout the process to ensure any parts with defects are eliminated; resulting in high quality clothespins.
-All components are sourced from the USA, with all the woodworking and assembly being done in Texas by a small family run business.

Besides using these clothespins for holding clothes on the line, they can also be used as kitchen clips, decor, crafts…there are hundreds of ways to use these handcrafted clothespins. Let your imagination guide you.

Quality clothespins
Stainless steel springs
Made in the usa
Hardwood ash
Made to last